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Judges of the QParks Tour - Info, Facts & Tipps

Our judges and speakers play an essential role in our QParks Tour. Without judges there’s no contest. It’s as simple as that. However, without our pro-judges and speakers from the community we couldn’t realize our contests and they wouldn’t be as legendary as they are. Find out more about the guys behind the judging sheets and get helpful first-hand tips right here. 

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Julius Schneider

  • Judging since: 2012
  • Snowboard or Freeski: Freeski
  • Riding since: Skiing since 1994, Freeskiing since 2005
  • Home resort: Nordkette, Stubai
  • Insta: juliusschneider91
  • Shred music: Auditorium-Mos def; Understand-Spiritz; Verses-Wu Tang
  • Besides snow activities: Enduro mountain biking, hiking
  • Your no go in the park: Tourists
  • How did you get involved in freestyle: I’ve seen a video and I wanted to try it out too.
  • Biggest Achievement in sports: A double-sided shot in the downdays magazine and a double 10 at the first try
  • Best trip: Seiser Alm 2018
  • Worst trip: -
  • Jump, Jib or Pow: Jumps
  • Being a judge, how do you prepare yourself for a contest: I inspect the setup and watch the practice session
  • Your tip for tour riders: Try to make it look stylish and easy (steezy)

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